Senior Underwriters / Teams – Specialty Classes

We are recruiting top underwriters and teams with established, profitable underwriting who are seeking to take on greater responsibility for leading their own underwriting units and building a book of business as the next stage in their careers.

What are we looking for?

Producing underwriters and teams with books that are:

  • Established: minimum GWP of £5m or $8m
  • Profitable: outperform peers on loss ratios over the last 5 years
  • Tied to the underwriters: strong broker relationships and expertise
  • Classes: shorter-tail and specialist preferred; longer-tail considered
  • Territories: most considered
  • More niche, the better

Why consider Tempo?

Better Place to Work

  • We aim to put senior underwriters in charge of their own businesses; not just underwriting.  In turn, underwriting teams have much more influence over all aspects of the business and those in particular which affect their ‘underwriting result’.
  • We enable and support underwriting teams with the resources they need to build a large, profitable book including capacity, systems, marketing, etc.
  • We actively seek out better and smarter ways of running our business and aim to keep bureaucracy to a minimum
  • We expect a high-standard of professionalism of all staff and have been recognized as a CII Corporate Chartered Insurer
  • We have a plug-and-play operating environment covering permissions, systems, finance, compliance, etc.
  • We have broker security committee approval in place with all brokers
  • We are independently owned without conflicts of interest

Reward Structure Tied to Performance With Management Support

  • We allocate a share of profit commissions earned to the underwriting teams
  • Segmented P&Ls – bonuses are not impacted by profitability of other lines
  • We secure and diversify capacity to de-risk the business
  • We invest resources in accelerating profitable premium growth including marketing, quote-to-bind systems, cross-selling, research capabilities / reports, etc.

To be clear, Tempo is not for everyone.  Tempo is designed for proven underwriting leaders and teams who are driven, proactive, collaborative, disciplined, professional and have a clear underwriting conviction.

If you fit the above profile and would like to have a confidential discussion, please contact Marco Del Carlo on or +44 20 7015 8652.