Sureties and Bonds

We write small value sureties and bonds mainly focused on the Italian market.  We are looking to expand our portfolio and write books of sureties and bonds in selected countries.

Types of Sureties and Bonds (Italy):

  • Licence, concession, energy, gaming, waste management, tax bonds
  • Construction Bonds – Bid, performance, advanced payment, maintenance, housing
  • Subsidies – agriculture, training
  • We avoid payment guarantees, long duration bonds and bonds without sufficient co-obligations / counter-indemnities

Underwriting Parameters (Italy):

  • €2,00,000 max per obligor
  • 5 years max duration

Types of Sureties and Bonds (Other Countries):

  • Small value surety and bond books / portfolios
  • Minimum portfolio premium size: €500,000
  • Direct and facultative considered

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